DARS Planner Quick Start

Get started, you can build a four-year plan in minutes!

Step 1: From myHumboldt, click on View Degree Audit & Plan in Academics Quick Links.

The view degree audit & plan icon is located in the Quick Links section.

 Create a Plan

Click on the Plans tab in the top toolbar.

Click on the Create a New Plan tab.

The Plans tab is located in the DARS toolbar.

Select your program from the dropdown.

Enter the following:

  • a plan name
  • a starting term
  • a starting year
  • the number of years to graduation

Click the Add Plan button.

Enter plan information window includes a program dropdown and fields for plan name, term, year and years to graduate.

Build your plan

You should now be in Plan Builder. This is where you will add courses to your new plan. The default will have an audit on the left and the plan on the right. Your view may be different depending on your device.

In Plan Builder the Audit is located on the left and the plan is on the right.

You can add courses manually using the Add Course button or Drag & Drop.

Manually: Click the Add Courses button.

Enter the following in the Add Course window.

  • the Department Abbreviation (course prefix).
  • the Course Number.

The Add Course window has two fields: Department Abbreviation and Course Number.

Drag & Drop: Add courses by dragging them from the Audit (left side) onto the term title (right side).

  • “Grab” the course with your mouse
  • Drag it to the intended term (The term will change color when you are in the “drop” zone)
  • Check that the course shows up in term list

Drag a course from the audit side onto the term name on the right

Click on the "check" button often. The check does two things:

  • validates your plan and updates DARS Audit to include planned courses, and
  • checks the plan for issues, such as prerequisites.

Check button

Hint: You will see a warning icon if you do not meet prerequisites and/or if the course is not typically offered that semester.

Click on the warning icon to review issues.

course status window

Click on a "star" to mark a plan as preferred.

Preferred plan "star"

If you have questions about the DARS Degree Planner, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (707) 826-4101 or  records@humboldt.edu.

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