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Major Academic Plan Templates

For changes to existing MAPs:

  1. Print a copy of the MAP from the catalog 
  2. Make any needed changes in RED.
  3. Attach to proposal in Curriculog 

For new programs:  

Use one of the links below. You will be directed to save a copy.

Upload your completed document in Curriculog.

Instructions for Major Academic Plans (MAPS)

  • Place GE Area E as an option in the first or second semester.  If you require a particular Area E for your majors in a particular term, indicate that Course # in the appropriate term  (e.g. all CNRS majors will take SCI 100). Direct your questions about GE Area E to your College Associate Dean
  • Add an elective: ENGL 110 (2 units) to the semesters with ENGL 102, ENGL 103 or ENGL 104.

Effective Fall 2021

  • Add one 3-unit GE Area F: Ethnic Studies requirement.
  • Remove one lower division GE Area D: Social Science requirement.
  • Remove GWPE from requirements 

English MAP Language:

Freshman Year: Fall Semester
GE Area A: Written Communication ENGL 102 or ENGL 104 

Freshman Year: Spring Semester
GE Area A: Written Communication  ENGL 103* 

*If ENGL 104 was taken the previous semester take an elective, other GE or a major course in place of ENGL 103.

Identify the appropriate GE Math Pathway for 4-year roadmaps

See the Department of Mathematics: GE Math by Major for information.

Example: GE Area B: Mathematics    MATH 101 or (MATH 101i and MATH 1*)  3-4 units

*Credit earned for math support courses do not count toward GE, major or graduation units.

STEM Optional Advanced MAPS

Ready for MATH 102 (Placement category II or higher):
GE Area B: Mathematics    MATH 102   4 units

Ready for calculus (Additional placement test required):
GE Area B: Mathematics    MATH 105   4 units, or
GE Area B: Mathematics    MATH 109   4 units



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