Final Exam Schedule

Final exam schedules are available in Student Center.

In response to student, faculty, and staff requests, personalized final exam schedules are now available in Student Center. This new Student Center feature will provide you with final exam times for your classes at the time of registration, allow you to plan your end of semester travel in advance, and eliminate the need to interpret the Final Exam Matrix.

To view your final exam schedule:

  1. Login to your Student Center
  2. Locate Academics
  3. Select Exam Schedule from the “Other Academic Information” drop-down menu.
  4. Click Go (double-arrows).
  5. Select the appropriate term. Click Continue to view a list of your final exam dates and times.

Student Center Academics section with Exam Schedule selected in other academic information

Step-by-step instructions with screen-shots are available in Student Center Help.


Final Evaluation Week Policy

Finals week is part of the instructional period for a course. All courses shall have a final evaluation during finals week, with the following exceptions:

  • Laboratory or activity only courses may have their final evaluations during the class’s regular meeting time during the last week of class.
  • Courses that are non-traditionally scheduled (weekend workshops, theatre productions that last only six weeks, etc.).

Classes with both lecture/discussion and laboratory/activity components shall have:

  • final evaluations for the lecture or discussion portion of the class during finals week, and
  • final evaluations for the lab/activity portion (if applicable) during the last week of classes. This type of evaluation shall not substitute for the final class evaluation. Students should not be expected to complete these types of finals outside of the normally designated times for the class.

In-class final evaluation activities must occur during the final evaluation time designated for the course (not the week before).

Out-of class final evaluation activities such as take-home examinations, final papers must be due no earlier than the designated final evaluation time slot for the course (students may voluntarily submit their work earlier).

The final evaluation date and time designated for a course as published in the Registration Guide may not be changed except in special circumstances, which must be approved in writing by the department chair and dean. As of Fall 2019, personalized final exam schedules are available in both Student and Faculty Centers.

The course syllabus shall include the date and time of the final evaluation for the class. Any student who finds it impossible (for serious and compelling reasons) to participate on the date, time, or place scheduled must make arrangements in advance with the instructor.

Staff & Faculty

Spring 2024 Final Exam Matrix

Fall 2023 Final Exam Matrix

Spring 2023 Final Exam Matrix

Final exam schedules are also available in Faculty Center.

To view the final exam schedule for the classes you are teaching:

  1. Login to your Faculty Center
  2. Select the appropriate term. You will see a list of your classes, followed by a list of final exams.

Faculty - Step-by-step instructions with screen-shots are available in Faculty Center Help.

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