Class Schedule

Reading the class schedule

Class Associations

Class association numbers group all class sections that constitute a single offering together. Courses that have a combination of components (e.g. lecture, lab, activity, etc.) that must be taken together share the same association number. Generally, students must register in one of each of the listed components. For example, BIOL 104 has two lecture sections and several lab sections. You would register a lecture and a lab from a group with the same association number.

Class Numbers

Each section of a course has a unique five-digit class number (CN# on the class schedule) that is used to enroll in the course. If a course is listed without class number, contact the instructor or department to obtain a permission number and a class number in order to enroll.

Half-Semester Courses

To allow for flexibility in scheduling, departments may offer courses at various times during the semester on a 10-week, 7-week, 5-week and weekend workshop format. For purposes of adding and dropping, courses must be ADDED and/or DROPPED by the deadlines listed in the calendar of activities & deadlines.

Disclosure of Student Information

We take your privacy seriously. Read more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).