DARS Degree Planner Guide

The DARS Degree Planner will help you to plan your path to graduation and help you populate your schedule planner. From there you will be able to register for classes.

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Decide which courses to take and how those courses meet the requirements.

DARS Degree Planner is a tool that uses your DARS audit to help you build an degree plan for graduation. Your degree plan is a specific list of classes that you will take each term until you graduate.

Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors:

Advisors expect you to build a three-semester plan with DARS Degree Planner before your advising appointment and before they will lift your advising hold.

DARS Degree Planner in 5 Steps

  1. Create your plan. Watch the video on the right.
  2. Build your plan. Drag & drop or add courses. Plan your first choice courses until all requirements are met. Don’t add alternate courses to your plan. If you want an alternate (back up) plan, go ahead and create a new plan with alternate courses. Watch the video on the right.
  3. Click “Check” often to update prerequisites and update planner DARS on the left. All requirements should show as met with planned courses.
  4. Star your preferred plan. Go to the Plans tab & click on the star to mark your #1 plan. Have your voice heard! Courses in the “starred” plans are used by HSU to predict course demand.
  5. Discuss with your advisor. Meet with your major advisor to discuss your plan.

DARS Degree Planner in 5 Steps Handout

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DARS Scheduler

DARS Scheduler is a tool that generates class schedules based on the courses in your preferred “starred” degree plan.

DARS Scheduler Quick Guide

DARS Overview Video

Degree Audit Report for Students - DARS Overview

Degree Planner Tutorials

Getting Started:
How to Create a Plan (1:22)

The Basics: 
Build Your Plan (2:49)

Next Steps: 
Manage & Maintain Your Plan (2:51)

Planning for Minors & Double Majors (4:30)

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DARS Schedules: Create a Schedule at Humboldt State

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