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Cal Poly Humboldt has partnered with Parchment to make ordering transcripts easier for you. Parchment will deliver your transcripts to the institution or destination you choose in the format they prefer. 

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Parchment Support

A third-party, such as another school or employer, may order transcripts on behalf of a student through Parchment. All third-party orders require the student’s signed and dated consent and authorization to release educational records. 

Transcripts include:

  • Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam (GWPE) passed (if applicable)
  • Degree(s) awarded, major and concentration
  • Minor
  • Total number of credits transferred from other institutions accepted by Humboldt.
  • All courses taken and attempted at Humboldt and grade awarded
  • Student standing each term
  • GPA for each term and institute totals

Transcripts do not include:

  • Emphasis (subdivision of concentration or major)
  • Certificates of study
  • Transfer credit (specific courses) from other institutions accepted by Humboldt

Disclosure of Student Information

We take your privacy seriously. Read more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).