Graduation Requirements

Unit Requirements (Bachelor's Degree)


120 units for a Bachelor of Arts degree

120 units for a Bachelor of Science degree

Upper Division

40 units for a Bachelor of Arts degree

Units with limits

The maximum number of units accepted for a bachelor's degree are:

  • 6 units from intercollegiate athletics
  • 2 units from intramural
  • 24 units from credit grades (taken at HSU)
  • 24 units from Open University (see HSU catalog for details)
  • 24 units from Extended Education (do not count toward residence)
  • 70 units from a community college

Distribution of Units

48 units General Education & All-University Requirements (GEAR)

GEAR worksheet

Major* requirements vary from major to major. See program descriptions in the university catalog.

Minor/Electives to bring total units to 120.

Graduation Writing Proficiency Exam (GWPE)

You may take the GWPE after completing:

  • 60 semester units (junior standing) and
  • ENGL 103 or ENGL 104 (or an equivalent college composition course with a C- or better).

We highly recommend that you take the examination no later than two semesters before you plan to graduate. See the GWPE Website for more information. CSU degree requirement: must pass to graduate

Residence Requirement 

To graduate from Humboldt State University, you need to earn at least 30 units from courses taken here, with a minimum of:

  • 24 units upper division,
  • 12 units upper division major courses,
  • 9 units general education

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Your overall GPA, major GPA and HSU GPA must be at least 2.0

Degree Check

Apply to graduate 3 semesters before you expect to complete all your degree requirements.

*Major minimum unit requirements: A Bachelor of Arts (BA) requires a minimum of 24 units of major coursework, including 12 upper division, excluding GE and a Bachelor of Science (BS) requires a minimum of 36 units major coursework, including 18 upper division, excluding GE.

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