Graduation Requirements

Bachelor's Degree: Summary of Graduation Requirements 

To graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly Humboldt, students must complete all of the following requirements. See Bachelor’s Degree Requirements in the catalog for details.

Components of the Bachelor's Degree

  • General Education (48 units required)
  • American Institutions (U.S. History and U.S. and California State and Local Government)
  • Diversity and Common Ground
  • Major Requirements*
  • Minor or Electives

Total Units

A minimum of 120 units are required for a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Bachelor of Science degree. 

The maximum number of units accepted for a bachelor's degree are:

  • 6 units from intercollegiate athletics
  • 2 units from intramural
  • 24 units from credit grades (taken at Humboldt)
  • 24 units from Open University (see Humboldt catalog for details)
  • 24 units from Extended Education (do not count toward residence)
  • 70 units from a community college

Grade Point Average (GPA)

A GPA of 2.0 or better for:

  • all units attempted, 
  • all major units attempted, and 
  • all units attempted at Cal Poly Humboldt

Residency Requirement 

Complete 30 units at Cal Poly Humboldt: 

  • 24 of the 30 units must be from upper division courses, 
  • 12 of the 24 upper division units must be major courses, and 
  • 9 units must be from courses that meet general education.

Apply for Graduation

To graduate from Cal Poly Humboldt, students must apply for graduation to initiate the degree check process.

Graduation Requirements & Catalog Rights

At Humboldt, students are automatically assigned graduation requirements upon admission to the university or at the time of the most recent major/minor change. As long as a student stays in continuous attendance they retain the right to those assigned graduation requirements, referred to as “catalog rights”.

Continuous attendance, for undergraduate students, is attending at least one semester or two quarters of consecutive calendar years, unless on an approved educational leave.

Catalog Rights & General Education & All University Requirements

Although catalog rights maintain a particular set of general education and all-university requirements, catalog rights do not apply to the courses that fulfill those requirements. Courses, including required prerequisites, are subject to change. To fulfill a particular requirement, a course must be completed during the academic year in which the GEAR status is designated in the catalog (not a student’s catalog year).

Catalog rights to not apply to policies, services and fees, which when revised, apply to all students regardless of catalog year.

Catalog Year Options

Students, who remain in continuous attendance may choose to meet the bachelor’s degree graduation requirements in the Humboldt catalog that:

  • was in effect at the time they first enrolled at Humboldt,
  • was in effect at the time they first enrolled at any other CSU or a California Community College, or  
  • is in effect the semester that they graduate.

Usually, it is in a student’s best interest to keep the catalog rights in place at the time they:

  • began attending Humboldt for GEAR, and
  • when they declared or changed to their current major (or minor)

Note: Students changing their major or minor may be required to complete the major or minor requirements in effect at the time of the change

DARS Audit displays a student’s official catalog year of record at the top of the first page.  If you have questions about switching a different catalog year contact the Office of the Registrar or run a “what if” DARS degree audit with the year you graduate to see if that would be a better choice for you.

Master's Degree

The following are general requirements for a master’s degree as specified by Title 5. See the individual program descriptions in the university catalog for specific program requirements. Additional information is also available in The Master's Degree section of the catalog and the Graduate Student Handbook.

Unit Requirement


Minimum of 30 units of approved coursework


At least half the units must be at the graduate level (courses numbered 500-699 at Humboldt)

Time Limit

Complete all coursework within seven years.

Unit Limits

The maximum number of units accepted for a master’s degree are:

  • 0 units from lower division level (courses numbered 100-299 at Humboldt)
  • 6 unit from thesis/project courses (9 units total from independent study, field work, & thesis/project courses)
  • 9 units from Open University/Special Session (do not count toward residence requirement)
  • one-third of total units from courses taken credit/no credit

Residence Requirement

To graduate from Cal Poly Humboldt, you need to earn at least 21 units from courses taken here, after admission to your graduate program.

Grades & Grade Point Average (GPA)

You must earn at least a B- in all courses taken to satisfy the requirements for the degree, and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. Individual graduate degree programs may have higher grade standards.

Culminating Experience

Completion of an approved thesis, project, or comprehensive examination, as defined by Title 5.

Degree Check

Apply to graduate at least one semester before you expect to complete all your degree requirements.

Continuous Enrollment Requirement

Enroll in a minimum of one unit per term for at least two terms per academic year until all degree requirements are completed. For additional information, see The Master's Degree section of the catalog and the Graduate Student Handbook.

Disclosure of Student Information

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