Graduation with Honors

Cal Poly Humboldt awards honors to undergraduate students at the time of graduation, based on the following criteria:

  • Completion of 30 units in letter-graded course work in residence at Cal Poly Humboldt
  • A minimum GPA of 3.50 on all work taken at Cal Poly Humboldt
  • Overall minimum GPA of 3.50 on all work attempted

The overall grade point average (including both transfer and Cal Poly Humboldt course work) determines which honors the student receives at graduation:

  • SUMMA CUM LAUDE (highest honors) - 3.85 to 4.00
  • MAGNA CUM LAUDE (high honors) - 3.70 to 3.84
  • CUM LAUDE (honors) - 3.50 to 3.69

Honors Cord at Commencement

If your GPA is on track for honors (see above) as of the semester prior to commencement, you can purchase an honors cord from the bookstore to wear during the ceremony. The bookstore will have a list of students who are eligible to purchase an honors cord.

If your GPA is almost there and you expect to reach honors when current grades are taken into consideration, you may submit a Petition to Purchase an Honors Cord.

Graduation with Distinction

One graduate student in each program may be selected to receive the Patricia O. McConkey Outstanding Graduate Student Award. Students who receive this award will graduate with distinction.

For more information contact Graduate Studies at 707-826-5194.

Disclosure of Student Information

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