What is articulation?

Articulation refers to the review process between postsecondary institutions regarding the transferability of courses and is coordinated and facilitated by the Office of the Registrar. The process involves developing formal written agreements between institutions to accept specific courses (or sequences of courses) from a sending campus that are comparable to, or in lieu of, a specific course (or courses) at the receiving campus. Office of the Registrar, SBS 133. Contact

Refer to the Transfer Credit webpage for details on the status of ASSIST.

Articulation Agreements

Effective Dates

Articulation agreements adhere to strict effective dates and are generally not retroactive. Once approved, student who take the course from that point forward will benefit from the agreement in place. Students who completed the course prior to approval will not receive the articulation and would need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Private, Out-of-State, or International Courses

At this time, coursework completed at public California institutions are the priority for articulation agreements

Articulation Requests (Faculty)

Articulation requests, proposals, issues and concerns are coordinated by the Office of the Registrar at HSU. The articulation team within the Office of the Registrar works closely with Articulation Officers and personnel at other campuses we have agreements with to communicate, implement and monitor all articulation agreements.

The HSU department chair of the department that offers the most closely corresponding course is responsible for reviewing articulation requests and making decisions about course comparability. The department chair may designate another person in the department as the primary reviewer – generally another discipline faculty member.

When articulation requests are forwarded to the department, we will provide the most current Course Outline of Record (COR) for the transfer course. ICAS (the Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates) encourages faculty to make articulation decisions based on the COR rather than individual syllabi. For details and rationale, refer the June 2011 ICAS Memo: CSU/UC Department Chairs and Faculty Involved with Community College Articulation [pdf].

TES (Transfer Evaluation System)

Effective fall 2017, we will begin using TES (Transfer Evaluation System) to track and record the vast majority of articulation requests. Please refer to the TES Faculty Guide [pdf].

Transfer Credit at HSU

See Transfer Credit or Associate Degree Transfer to learn more about transfer credit at HSU.



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