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Fall 2022 grades are official!

New job? Grad School? Need your degree posted quickly?

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Your degree requirements will be reviewed within five business days after we receive notice of your order from Parchment.

Fall 2022 

Fall 2022 grades are official!

Degree processing (February through March)

After grades are official, it takes about 6-8 weeks to clear degrees for all of the students eligible for graduation this term. Once a degree has been posted, it will immediately appear on both official and unofficial transcripts.

Expect diplomas (late March through April)

Diplomas are printed and mailed approximately five weeks after a degree is cleared and posted.

*Business days do not include holidays/campus closures


Degree Verification

Transcripts are the official record of any degree(s) and coursework completed. As a general rule, when institutions and potential employers require proof of degree completion, the most useful tool is the official transcript, not the diploma. The diploma is a ceremonial document, while the transcript is the official record.  
Humboldt does not provide scanned nor emailed diplomas.
To order or learn more about Official transcripts, see Official Transcripts.  Rush Services are available. Official transcripts may be ordered anytime. However, they will not be released during the grade processing period.
To learn how to view or print an Unofficial Transcript, see Unofficial Transcript


Disclosure of Student Information

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