Apply to Graduate

Graduation, which is the awarding of a degree, should not be confused with participation in commencement ceremonies.

Commencement is a ceremony that celebrates your accomplishment and completion of a degree, however, participating in the ceremony does not mean you have earned your degree.

When to apply (bachelor's degree)

We recommend you apply three semesters before you expect to complete all your degree requirements. For most students, this will be early in their junior year. Your on-time application will ensure that you receive your degree check in time to plan your final semesters at HSU.


You are eligible to apply for graduation after you have:

  • Earned 60 units toward your bachelor’s degree
  • Declared your major (and minor if applicable)


Expected GraduationOn-Time Application Deadline Student Center Application Deadline
Fall 2021September 7, 2020September 6, 2021
Spring 2022February 1, 2021January 31, 2022
Fall 2022September 6, 2021September 5, 2022*
Spring 2023January 31, 2022January 30, 2023*

*based on the 2022-23 Draft Academic Calendar.

After the on-time application deadline, a late fee will be added to the graduation fee. You can find information about current student fee rates at Tuition & Fees.

After the Student Center application deadline, a late fee will be added to the graduation fee and you will need to use the Late Application for Graduation web-form.

If you do not apply to graduate after earning 90 units, a hold will be placed on future registration until an Application for Graduation is received.

Prepare to apply (bachelor's degree)

Step 1. Run your degree audit. Review your audit to verify which requirements are met and which are still needed.

Step 2. Plan your remaining semesters. This step will help you estimate when you will finish all degree requirements.

Step 3. Review your degree requirements with your major advisor (and minor advisor if applicable).

Apply for graduation (bachelor's degree)

Step 4. Login to myHumboldt and view Student Center.  Step by step instructions with screenshots are available on the Student Center Help site.

Step 5. Select Apply for Graduation from the other academic…. drop-down and click the double arrows.

Step 6. Click on Apply for Graduation

Step 7. Select your Expected Graduation Term and click Continue (Tip: Use your DARS plan to estimate when you will finish all your degree requirements)

Step 8. Verify your information and click Submit Application

Term Missing in Student Center: If you need to apply for graduation in the current semester and the term is no longer available in Student Center, use the Late Application for graduation e-form.

What happens next?

The graduation processing fee will be posted to your student account.

Your graduation counselor will email your degree check to your HSU email. If you have any questions, talk to your  advisor or contact the Office of the Registrar.

After grades are final, your graduation counselor will review your degree requirements. If all degree requirements are satisfied, your degree is posted to your record. See Processing - Diplomas & Transcripts for more information.

If any requirements remain unsatisfied, you will receive a Notice of Graduation Deficiency from your graduation counselor via your HSU email. It is your responsibility to check your HSU email for official university communications.

When to apply (master’s degree)

We recommend that you apply for graduation by the second week of classes at least one semester before finishing all degree requirements so you will receive your degree check in time to plan your final semester of enrollment. See Graduate Studies for application

Change your graduation date

Complete a Graduation Date Change Request eForm to postpone your graduation date.

There is no cost to change your graduation unless you wait until after the graduation date on file is passed. Once that date has passed there is a $25 late graduation date change fee.

Please note that you will not be able to enroll in classes for the semester following the expected graduation date without first reapplying to the university or postponing your expected date of graduation.

Disclosure of Student Information

We take your privacy seriously. Read more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).