Associate Degree Transfer

Unlike standard AA or AS degrees, students who earn the Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) are guaranteed admission to a California State University (CSU) campus that offers an approved similar major.

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Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Program

It's a new joint transfer program from the California Community Colleges and the California State Universities that makes it easier for you to transfer between the two school systems. See A Degree with a Guarantee for program information.

ADT Benefits

Save time & money - earn both associate and bachelor’s degrees in exactly 120 units of college level coursework. You will be:

  • guaranteed admission to a CSU campus
  • admitted at junior standing
  • ready for upper division general education (already completed lower division GE areas A-E)
  • able to complete an approved "similar" major in 60 more semester units

Eligibility & Next Steps

Step 1. Complete an approved Associate Degree for Transfer at a California Community College

Step 2. Apply for admission to a CSU campus for an open term by the published deadline

Step 3. Submit all requested transcripts and documents by published deadlines (see Verification of ADT).

Tip: Talk with your community college to determine when your complete ADT will be posted to your transcript – send updated, official transcripts by the deadline. Learn how to send transcripts.

Step 4. Choose a major and concentration that have been deemed “similar” to your ADT

Step 5. Meet CSU & HSU admission requirements for that major program. (Check your myHumboldt portal & your HSU email regularly.)

Verification of ADT

We need an official transcript from a California Community College showing that you earned an AA-T or AS-T degree. Your Degree Audit Report for Students (DARs report) will reflect confirmation if an ADT is earned. If you have earned an ADT, but do not see verification on your DARs report, please contact the Office of the Registrar to confirm verification documents were received.

Similar ADTs

Check if your ADT major is similar to your intended major and concentration at HSU. Learn more at CSU ADT Major & Campus Search. Contact the Office of the Registrar with questions. 

Terms & Conditions of the ADT Guarantee

After enrollment begins, the guarantee is not transferable to another CSU campus. To maintain the guarantee, you must:

  • Maintain continuous enrollment in the same academic major (unless you are on an approved leave of absence). Certain academic programs may require performance evaluations, auditions, portfolio review or set specific academic progress requirements to maintain enrollment in the program.

  • Successfully complete each required course for the degree—if you need to repeat a class to earn a higher grade, the guarantee will no longer apply.

  • The guarantee will not be possible if you elect to add any additional degree objectives, such as a minor or second major.

  • Comply with all prescribed admission requirements, enrollment/registration requirements and deadlines during your college career.

  • Review a copy of your Degree Audit Report for Students (DARS) each semester and address discrepancies by consulting with your academic advisor.  DARS is your 60-unit roadmap to graduation. 

In other words, students with an ADT are not guaranteed to earn a bachelor’s degree in 60 semester units at a CSU if:

  • A student enters a non-similar major, adds a minor or changes majors
  • A student chooses to take electives beyond the 60 required units, if they need to repeat a class to earn a higher grade, or if they fail to meet deadlines


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