Holds may prevent you from registering for classes, receiving grades or graduating.

Holds are placed on your account for:

  • fees or money owed to the university such as registration fees, housing charges, library fines, dishonored checks, lost key charges, etc. ,
  • or requirements not yet met, such as providing immunization records, or applying for graduation.

Check Student Center at least five days prior to your registration appointment.

Checking for holds in advance will give you time to resolve them so you can register on time.

Application for Graduation

If you have senior standing (earned 90 or more units) a hold will be placed on future registration until your Application for Graduation is received. If you have a Must Apply for Graduation Hold, it will be removed overnight after you apply to graduate in Student Center. See Apply for Graduation for more information.

Enrollment Agreement

Check the To Do List in your Student Center. Complete the Enrollment Agreement to accept the financial obligation of registering for classes. Contact Student Financial Services for questions about the Enrollment Agreement.

Financial Obligations

A hold is placed on a student’s registration and schedule adjustment for a financial obligation greater than $199 and less than 720 days old owed to the university or for other administrative reasons. Students are responsible for resolving any holds placed on their registration. Contact Student Financial Services regarding financial holds.


A registration hold will be placed on your account unless the health center has copies of your immunization records. Go to: Student Health & Wellbeing Services regarding immunization requirements.

Meet with your advisor

Continuing Students - Since we believe that advising is important all semester long, we will no longer enforce an advising hold at registration. You may view your advisor's name and contact information in your Student Center. See contact my advisor on Student Center Help.

New transfer students have advising holds as part of the new student registration process. Learn more at Orientation - Transfer Students.


Disclosure of Student Information

We take your privacy seriously. Read more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).