How to Register

1. Use your DARS all-in-one planning tools

Use all three DARS interactive tools to get ready for your enrollment appointment. Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors: Advisors expect you to build a three-semester plan with DARS Degree Planner before your advising appointment and before they will lift your advising hold. Seniors should plan through their final semester.

DARS planning tools

2. Check your Student Center (myHumboldt)

  • Check for Holds and resolve any issues right away. Some holds may take 24-48 hours to clear, which could jeopardize your enrollment appointment.
  • Check your To Do List. An Enrollment Agreement will show up in your To Do List. You must complete an "Enrollment Agreement" each semester to accept the financial obligation of registering for classes. For more information, see Student Financial Services
  • View Enrollment Dates. Check the date and time you can enroll in classes.

3. Mandatory Advising

Meet with your advisor to review your plan and discuss your academic progress. Your advisor will remove the mandatory advising hold. See How to contact your advisor.

  • For both ACAC and faculty advising, there will be remote advising options and steps detailed at the newly created Keep Learning website which has many resources to support you all in one spot. This site will be updated regularly.
  • Additionally, your faculty advisor - or the department chair of your academic program - will send you a message about how to schedule a virtual advising appointment.

4. Enroll in classes

At your enrollment appointment time, secure your seat in classes by finalizing your enrollment in Student Center. See Enroll in Classes.

5. Verify your schedule

View your weekly schedule to verify all your classes are there. How to view my schedule

6. Pay any tuition or fees

Avoid being dropped for non-payment. Pay any tuition or fees by the payment deadline.

Learn about Deadlines and Tuition & Fees.

Schedule Adjustments (first two weeks of classes only)

Adding Courses

During the first two weeks of classes, you can add classes via Student Center.

  • Instructor approval is not needed to enroll in open classes during the first week of instruction, except for those that require special approval. See: Add a class
  • Instructor approval (a permission number) is needed to enroll in any class during the second week of instruction. See: Add a class with a permission number (PDF)

Courses cannot be added after the second week of classes. Approval of petitions to add courses after the second week of classes will only be considered if verification that the course is necessary for you to graduate at the end of the current semester is provided.

Dropping Courses

During the first two weeks of instruction, you may drop a class from your schedule via Student Center. If dropping a course changes your unit load to a lower fee category, see Financial Aid Freeze Date or Student Financial Services for information. Courses cannot be dropped after the second week of classes. See Withdrawal.

Avoid an WU or F. Remember to drop courses you don't want to take.
Not all instructors will drop you on the basis of non-attendance. You are responsible for ensuring the courses on your schedule are correct. A course not properly dropped receives a “WU” (withdrawal unauthorized), which counts as an “F” for GPA purposes.

Cal Poly Humboldt expects attendance at every class meeting. If you are absent from a class or lab session within the first week of instruction, you may be dropped for non-attendance by the instructor no later than the end of the second week of instruction.

To reenroll in a course from which you have been dropped, contact the instructor for approval (permission number) and reenroll in the course prior to the semester add/drop deadline.

Disclosure of Student Information

We take your privacy seriously. Read more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).