How to Graduate in Four Years

Your goal may be to earn your degree in 4 years. You’ll save money, keep student loans down, and be prepared to begin your career sooner. We are committed to advising you on how to graduate within 4 years

On the other hand, an education with an emphasis on time constraints may not be right for everyone. It may not be possible to graduate in 4 years if you want to explore academic, career and personal interests with additional classes, participate in internship or work study opportunities, study abroad, or need to work full-time.

Our tips for completing graduation requirements in 4 years.

Declare your major

You can begin taking major classes during your first year, if you declare your major at the time of application or during your first semester at Humboldt.

Make a plan

Build your four-year plan using DARS Degree Planner. Your plan will help you select the classes you need each semester. Avoid taking classes that don’t apply to your degree. Learn about DARS planning tools.

Take 15 units

You need to complete an average of 15 degree-applicable units each semester (30 units per year) to graduate in 4 years.

Even though taking 12 units a semester is considered full-time, at that rate it will take you 5 years to earn the 120 units required for a degree.

Do well in your classes

If you find a class challenging, reach out to the instructor early in the semester. Visit the Learning Center for resources. Try to avoid dropping or withdrawing from classes.

Meet with your advisor

Connect with an advisor to review your degree plan, academic progress and goals.

Register as early as possible

Use DARS schedules to auto-generate your class schedule. Add your classes to the shopping cart in your Student Center, so that you can register in just a few clicks during your registration appointment time.

Learn more about registration appointments.

Watch for 60 units earned

After you have earned 60 units, it’s time to apply for graduation.

Review degree requirements

Run a DARS Audit and review any outstanding degree requirements. Learn more about DARS planning tools.

Participate in the California Promise Program (if eligible)

Eligible students will be invited to participate. See California Promise Program for details.

Disclosure of Student Information

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