DARS Planner Student User Guide

Get Started

Navigate to DARS

Navigate to DARS

Go to myHumboldt

Click on DARS.

dark green square with DARS

Create a plan

Create a plan

Once in DARS, click on the Plans from the top toolbar.

From the Manage Plans page, you can create a new plan or edit an existing one.

To create a new plan, click Create a New Plan.

The Plans tab is located in the DARS toolbar.

  1. Select the program you want to plan for.
  2. Give your plan a name.
  3. Select a starting term and year
  4. Select the number of years for your plan (default is 4 years)
  5. Click Add Plan.

Enter plan information window includes a program dropdown and fields for plan name, term, year and years to graduate.

Add courses to build your plan

Add courses to build your plan

You should now be in Plan Builder. This is where you will add courses to your new plan. The default view will show your audit on the left and the plan on the right. You can add courses manually or by dragging them from the audit. 

In Plan Builder the Audit is located on the left and the plan is on the right.

Drag & Drop

Add courses by dragging them from the Audit (left side) onto the term title (right side).

  1. “Grab” the course with your mouse.
  2. Drag it to the intended term. (The term will change color when you are in the “drop” zone.)
  3. Check that the course shows up in term list.
  4. Watch for an alert sign red circle with a minus sign (circle with a minus sign) that indicates an issue. Hover the cursor over the circle will give you a hint. Click on the course for additional information.

Drag a course from the audit side onto the term name on the right

If you need to change when you plan to take the course, just drag it to a different term.

  1. “Grab” the course with your mouse.
  2. Drag it to the new term. (The term will change color when you are in the “drop” zone)

Drag a course from term to term.

Add Manually

Some courses, such as electives, will not be in your audit. You will need to add them manually.

  1. Click the Add Courses button.
  2. Enter the Department Abbreviation (course prefix).
  3. Enter the Course Number.
  4. Click OK.

 Department Abbreviation and Course Number.

Click "check" often!

Click "check" often!

After you have added courses into your plan,

  1. Click the “check mark” located at the top of the plan. The audit on the left will update.
  2. Scroll down to the Major Requirements section of the audit.
  3. Check that the classes you added meet major requirements.

Areas satisfied by planned courses will have a purple box with a calendar. A red box with an X inside indicates an unfulfilled area.

the validate check mark is located the top of the plan below the name.

Check the plan side for alerts.

If a course displays a red circle with a minus sign red circle with a minus sign it is an alert there may be an issue with planning this course. Hover your cursor over the circle for a hint: in this case, the course is not offered during this term.

 1. Course not offered this term

Click on the course for more details including, course description, prerequisites and availability grid. The availability grid shows the course will be offered in the Spring.

course details include the course description, prerequisites and an availability grid.

Mark preferred plan

Mark preferred plan

When you are happy with your plan, return to your Manage Plans screen and choose to make your new plan preferred—or just leave it as an option.

Click on a "star" to mark a plan as preferred.

Manage Plans. A dark star in the first column indicates your preferred plan.

 If you want to try out some other options, copy your preferred plan, and then make changes to the copy.

  1. Click Plans in the toolbar,
  2. Next to your preferred starred plan click the Action drop-down menu.
  3. Click “Copy”.
  4. Give your new plan a name and you are ready to start planning!

If you decide you like the new plan better, click the star icon to mark it your preferred plan.

Beyond the Basics

Add study abroad

Add study abroad

  1. Click the Add Course button under the term you plan to study abroad.
  2. Enter "REG" in Department Abbreviation.
  3. Enter "IP" in Course Number.
  4. Click OK.

This creates a 12-unit placeholder that tells Humboldt when you plan to study abroad. For more details on the study abroad application process, go to Study Abroad.

REG IP (12 units) placeholder

Add a term

Add a term

  1. Click the plus sign [+] under the plan title.
  2. Select the Term and Year you want to add.
  3. Click OK.

Term and Year fields

Create a "what-if" plan.

Create a "what-if" plan.

DARS Degree Planner allows you to create multiple plans to explore different major options - but keep in mind that each plan is tied to only one major (plus any declared minors) at a time. To create a new plan to explore another pathway, you can follow the steps in the Manage & Maintain Your Plan video. When exploring other plans, it’s important to keep your preferred plan "starred". Your preferred plan will be used by the university to predict course demand.

Delete a course

Delete a course

To delete an unwanted course from your plan:

  1. Click the Edit button on the term line.

  2. Check the box to the right of the course to be deleted (or All to check/delete all courses in the term).
  3. Click Delete. (You will be prompted to confirm deletion.)
  4. Click Submit to save your changes.

The edit term button is located to the right of the term title.

Delete a plan

Delete a plan

You can delete optional plans, but not your preferred plan. If you have built a plan that you like better than your current preferred plan, click the star for the new plan to make it preferred.

  1. Click on Plans in the toolbar. find the plan you want to change.
  2. Select delete from the Action field.

Delete a term

Delete a term

  1. Click the trash can icon to the right of the term name.
  2. Click Yes to verify you want to delete the term and all courses within it.

 Are you sure you want to delete the Term and all courses within it?

Work with an existing plan

Work with an existing plan

If your existing plan needs to change, make the updates as soon as you can. DARS Degree Planner works interactively in real time, so you can see how these changes will impact your overall plan. Discuss changes with your academic advisor.

Click on the plan name under Edit Plan or use the Action field to edit , rename, or copy a plan. Note you can not delete a plan that is marked as preferred.

 Action dropdown options include edit plan, rename and copy

There are known accessibility barriers in the use of this product. While many issues have been corrected, improvement work continues.  For assistance, please contact:

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