Using Adobe Sign

Instructions for using Adobe Sign for Office of the Registrar forms that require signatures.

Get started

Check status

Cancel a form

Change a signer or email

Find a username email

Get Started

Step 1: Gather HSU username emails (abc123) for everyone who needs to sign your form. You will be asked to enter these emails before initiating the form. Don't use "name" emails with Adobe Sign.
Step 2: After you click the form link, you will be prompted to sign in, select the Continue with Google option.
[Note: If you encounter problems with Adobe Sign, make sure you are signed out of any personal gmail accounts and are signed in to your HSU gmail account.]

 Adobe Sign Signin. Use Continue with Google option

Step 3: You will either be:
  • Automatically logged into your Adobe Sign account via Single Sign On (if you are already logged into your computer with your HSU credentials), or
  • Redirected to the HSU Authentication page where you will need to enter your HSU username and password.
Step 4: Once you are in Adobe Sign, enter username emails as directed.
  • Click more to expand “How this workflow works?” so you can see all the instructions.
  • You must use username emails with Adobe Sign.
  • A red asterisk by the recipient indicates that this is a required email.
  • Emails must be entered in the appropriate field to ensure correct routing.

Example Adobe Sign workflow. You must use username emails with Adobe Sign

Step 5: Scroll down past the Files box. Click Send to initiate the form.

The send button is located at the bottom under the files box.

Step 7: Follow the prompts to complete the form.
Step 8: Click on the signature field to add your signature.

Adobe Sign prompt to enter signature

Step 9: An agree to terms banner will appear at the bottom. Click on the Click to Sign button to finish signing the document.

Adobe Sign Agreement Banner. I agree to the Terms and Consumer Disclosure of this document. Click to sign.

 Step 10: You will receive an email notice when your form is signed and processed.

Check Status

You may check the status of your document any time.
Step 1: Go to Adobe Sign.
Follow Getting Started: Steps 2 & 3.Step 4: In the Home tab, click on IN PROGRESS

Adobe Sign welcome page

Step 5: A list of in progress documents will display. You can view the status and the number of steps completed. Click on Open to view who has signed your form.

In Progress lists the status of documents and the number of steps complete.

Step 6: In the column to the right of your document, you can view when you initiated the form and who has approved.

Number of recipients and date completed

Cancel a Form

If you resubmit a form, remember to go back a cancel the previous one.
Step 1: Go to Adobe Sign.
Follow Getting Started: Steps 2 & 3.
Step 4: Click on IN PROGRESS
Step 5: Locate the document you want to change. Click on Open.

Adobe Sign. Manage tab. Shows status of your argeements: In Progress, Waiting for you, and Completed.

Step 6: In the column to the right of the document, click on Cancel. 
Step 7: In the box that opens, enter your reason for canceling the agreement. Check the box to notify recipients and click on Cancel Agreement.

Actions list on the right side of the document includes reminders, cancel, download PDF and Audit Report

 Change a Signer or Email

Step 1: Go to Adobe Sign.
Follow Getting Started: Steps 2 & 3.
Step 4: Click on IN PROGRESS
Step 5: Locate the document you want to change. Click on Open.
Step 6: Locate the list of recipients on the right side under the Actions menu. Click on the recipient you need to change.
Step 7: Click on Add Alternate Recipient.

recipient information box


Step 8: Enter a username email for the alternate (correct) recipient. Click Add.
add alternate recipient dialog box

Find a username email

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on the quicklinks dropdown menu. Click on Staff & Faculty in Directories.

quicklinks dropdown menu


Step 3: Enter the name or department in the directory search field. For example, if you were completing a Major Change Request to declare a major in sociology, you would need emails for the chair and support staff. Enter Sociology. Click Go.

Directory search field


Step 4: Look through the listing to find the individuals who need to approve your form.
Tip: You must use username emails with Adobe Sign. If the email listed is not a username email, please contact the department.

directory listing for the department showing username emails

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